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To request a retweet, or not to request a retweet?


Tweet That is, indeed, the question. SocialMediaInfluence.com has an infographic up at the moment, talking about how to amplify your tweets.  The infographic is based on an earlier report by BuddyMedia on strategies for effective tweeting.  By the numbers alone, … Continue reading

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Fairness, justice and twitter

Twitter Justice

Tweet There have been countless analyses in past weeks on twitter and various issues surrounding super-injunctions, libelous activities and privacy invasion.  I’m not going to engage in an extended rant about this, but just to summarise my perspective: In spite … Continue reading

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Objectives shape social engagements

Tweet I had a great conversation with Farhan Rehman today on the issue of how to train business based clients in the art of social media content development. We got to talking about the varied uses of various platforms and … Continue reading

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Google Wave: a case study in why interaction design matters

Google Home Page c. 1998 From Wikipedia

Tweet When Google launched as a competitor search engine in 1996 there were two stand-out characteristics that separated the engine from its three major competitors, Yahoo, Infoseek/Go.com and AltaVista: 1. Pagerank: a system of ranking search results by inbound links … Continue reading

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How to reduce your twitter follower lists (without annoying people)

Tweet There are countless posts out there telling you how to increase your twitter followers. And there are countless businesses using follower numbers as proof of brand awareness and influence. But there are precious few posts out there telling you … Continue reading

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Twitter filtering

Tweet The wonderful Steve Lawson has a fantastic post on the subject of twitter today, getting stuck in to prevailing criticisms about twitter as an online activity.  One of the observations Steve makes in his post is that when it … Continue reading

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Selling social media

Tweet With the O’Reilly E-Tech conference currently running, and many of the London social media crew heading to SXSW (film, video and interactive festival in Texas), the standard questions about social media are again being raised both at the events … Continue reading

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Twitter as a medium for realtime fandom

Tweet Fandom is usually associated with celebrities and sci fi/fantasy series.  At its most extreme fandom can bring about the kind of cultish dedication that attracts the ridicule and contempt of mainstream society – the kind of legacy that Star … Continue reading

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Davos and public interaction with complex issues

Tweet Late last week, the Amplified team got together to see if they could drive citizen participation in response to the sessions and commentaries arising from the World Economic Forum in Davos, and to use twitter and livestreaming technology to … Continue reading

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Twitter as a failed investment opportunity for Facebook

Tweet I was thrilled to hear this morning that negotiations for Facebook to acquire Twitter broke down some months ago.  Mashable have considered alternative investments for Facebook, but I think it’s much more interesting to consider who Twitter might wish … Continue reading

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