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Top 5 Questions about the UK Election result [UPDATED!]

Tweet 1.  Who won the UK Election? Still no one party. And nobody voted for a Coalition. 2.  Who are the leaders of the the UK? Prime Minister: David Cameron Deputy Prime Minister: Nick Clegg 3.  Did the Lib Dems … Continue reading

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Top 5 Questions about the UK Election [PLUS Answers!]

Tweet 1. Who won the UK Election? No-one. You have to get 326 seats (>50% of available seats) to win government.  The Conservative Party was closest but fell 20 seats short of a majority. 2. Who is the Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Elections, debt and technology: how they interact

Tweet It’s election day here in the UK and I will be spending the evening watching the coverage with two of London’s great ladies, Jemima Gibbons, author of Monkeys with Typewriters, and Mecca Ibrahim (aka Annie Mole) the author of One … Continue reading

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Tweet I haven’t been blogging since the return of aircraft to the skies over Europe, partly because the superstitious side of me (yes it is there, however latent) didn’t want to hope too soon about the availability of flights out … Continue reading

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THE digitally engaged MP

Tweet There are precious few MPs in the UK government who are aware of, and actively support digital inclusion and engagement.  But there’s really only one who genuinely engages: Tom Watson.  In his latest act of digital engagement, he has … Continue reading

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UK Election: A forgone conclusion

Tweet Tomorrow Gordon Brown is expected to announce an election for 6 May here in the UK.  As with the 2007 election in Australia, I’m calling it well in advance: the Conservatives will win. This has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Education: We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For

Tweet Last Friday I attended Channel 4’s launch of a new film looking at how education has failed the young people of today and how the legacy of pre-Victorian education systems is inappropriate for the future of the UK.  The … Continue reading

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Martha Lane Fox: Getting it wrong (Edited: but prepared to correct herself)

Tweet EDIT: To her credit, Martha has clarified her post and noted she was only asking an open ended question. ___________________________________ This morning, UK Digital Inclusion Champion, Martha Lane Fox tweeted Pew Internet research from the US on the average … Continue reading

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Digital media events: May – July 2009

Tweet A few people have been asking me what’s happening by way of digital media events in coming months.  So I’m collating a list.  This isn’t comprehensive but it’s a start. MAY * Future of web design – 30 April … Continue reading

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