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This week I’ve been trying to adapt to changes in the work environment and to get all my ‘bits’ connected. Simultaneously I’ve been dealing with some pretty serious security flaws in a wireless network and to provide advice and instructions about how to ensure laptops are protected against possible breaches of security.

I’ve included some of the advice I’ve been giving below, because I think anyone who connects to wireless architecture may find this useful. As a general rule it is imperative that anyone who connects to a wireless network ensures their machines are properly patched and checked for viruses in order to minimize possible effects of potential or emergent security flaws.

For Windows PCs…
Visit the Windows Update facility at and download all the latest patches.

For Macintosh PCs…
Visit and download all updates for the relevant operating system software installed on your iBook or Notebook.

All machines…
Visit and run a remote virus scan on your PC to check for viruses. If a virus is found, DO NOT use your PC on wireless networks, and instead fix your machine and update virus software to combat future attacks. Free software is available at AVG – or

Please also run the Housecall Spyware and security vulnerability scans to ensure your machine is properly protected.

If your machine is properly patched and is free of viruses, please ensure your have a firewall activated on your PC at all times. For Windows machines, go to the Start button, select Control Panel, Network & Internet Connections, and choose the Windows Firewall. For Apple laptops, Open System Preferences and click Sharing, then click Firewall, and click Start.

This should cover the basic security problems you are most likely to encounter. Hope this information is useful.

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