Thank you Queensland and Australia, generally

What a fabulous trip I had downunder!.  Thanks to all who came and met me in what turned out to be an extremely busy 6 days.  I loved catching up with people and generally enjoying the Queensland sunshine.  Of course there was the odd day of rain – particularly when Mum and I went up Mt Tamborine to visit my aunt – but in general it was fantastic weather and just a beautiful time. You can see from my flickr photos just how gorgeous some days were.

I found it very hard indeed to say goodbye to  my lovely Mum when she departed on a flight from the Gold Coast.  18 months between visits is too long to spend away fro my best friend.  But Mum, thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent together.  So looking forward to travelling again for my Big Birthday! xo

Now I’m back in London and back to work.  There’s so much to do at the moment that it’s all been a bit of a blur since I returned on Monday afternoon.  But of course bills must be paid so I’m back to getting through client work as I can.  But I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone I saw in Australia for your time, your friendship and your care.

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