Thankyous and apologies

Thanks to Mark Bahnisch for a fab night catching up and being cynical about the life of an academic! Was great sipping red wine with you Mark! We must do that again, soon.

Also HUGE apologies to Immy, Westy, Creepy and Shan for not getting back to you all sooner. I miss you all, Immy, Westy & Creepy, and will get on to MSN when I have a chance, so we can catch up. My deepest apologies … I’m not ignoring you – just flat out. Shan sweety, you probably won’t read this, but have left messages on your phone. Want to catch up soon, hon!

Finally for the Brisbane crowd, if you have the time and the interest, tune in to Brisbane Extra during this week, if you want to actually put a face to a name. If I wasn’t too dull, I may well be in a story on sms-ing some time this week.

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