The basics

* Yes, I’m working on a consultancy right now, so am not around much. It’s interesting work and I can’t say much more due to confidentiality agreements.

* Happy Australia Day. It’s going to be cool and wet here in Brisbane but I’ll be working anyway. More to the point *THWACK* to all those people out there who used to believe in a Republic and now think they don’t want one anymore. Have some pride, people! If you really are proud to be Australian, for goodness sake let us stand alone as a Republic that can look after itself rather than act as a glorified colony of the extinct British Empire. Becoming a Republic won’t mean we sever ties with the Commonwealth of Nations. It will simply mean that we are civilised enough as a nation to take care of ourselves. If I hear any more stories of rising conservatism resulting in a slump in support for an Australian Republic, I will lose my faith in the beauty of Australia entirely.

* The Academy Award nominations are out. Go Sideways!

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