The End Of The World As We Didn’t Experience It

I was as excited as any other geek today, when the Large Hadron Collider was switched on.  And of course I was highly amused by the fear-mongering about the particle accelerator designed to investigate the Big Bang being the cause of the End of the World.  (I loved this site.)  But the weirdest thing was the PR associated with the switching on of the particle accelerator itself.  Over on the LHCLatest twitter stream, you get a constant set of posts on the decidedly poor set of reports coming from CERN when the particle accelerator was actually switched on.  You also get a bunch of weird comments on the fact that once it had been switched on, no-one actualy knew what was going to happen next.  And you get hawker oriented posts requesting donations for the news service.  It was like amateur hour in PR. 

The work being done on the LHC is fantastic, and I’ll be following the publication of results with interest.  But the reporting needs a bit of help.  I’m calling on all half-decent journos and PR agents to give these guys a helping hand.  

Oh and it’s nice that the world didn’t end. 

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