The Future of Blogging

Dan Walsh’s new product is a new social filtering technique for Australian ‘quality’ content. This seems to be a growing area of interest in a field which is overrun by information production. There’s a potential there for blog filtering mechanisms and social bookmarking to influence idea development and traffic channelling.

But Peter Black asked my co-editor Axel Bruns to outline what he sees as the future of the field of blogging research. Axel noted that understanding the changes to the way we communicate and our information rights/requirements and what social implications are arising from the act of blogging.

Others noted that understanding the opportunities to connect people from disparate backgrounds as a value of blogging.

There was some debate on the quality of blogging outputs and the issues associated with dumbing down important and complex issues, but there was an overwhelming feeling that the values outrank the problems and it is problematic in an environment which is already vilified in some mainstream media.

There was a general consensus that the community tools of Facebook (including the ubiquitous POKE!) is a great way of motivating people to participate in a way that didn’t necessarily involve much time investment. (IMHO all those tools drive me up the wall… unless it’s a means of connecting with people who are interesting and providing a context for debate/discussion then I don’t want to know about it.)

Mark Bahnisch noted that the social techniques of increasing cross-fertilisation of blogs and varying social networking tools are interesting in terms of driving orthogonal links between speakers.

There was a point raised that tools like Twitter and Tumblelogs are tools which may reduce individual posts, but increase the thoughtfulness and aggregation of ideas/referencing when blog posts are created.

The point was raised that you can eventually have things that aren’t human twittering, and this is its own information channel. I pointed out that the experience of training my CyberTwin (btw – feel free to converse with my cybertwin at, in that I can imagine a period down the track when I could deploy a cybertwin in a commercial context where a zeitgeist of current issues could in fact be quite profitable.

We closed with a plan for drinks and for staying in contact.

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