The horrors of travelling…

Oh my God. It’s *incredibly* painful to swap between airlines at Heathrow. Having arrived from Glasgow on a BA flight (where the luggage was delayed for more than half an hour, I then had to transfer to Terminal 3 for my Emirates flight and then go through 3 queues for security with (I suspect) every single idiot who doesn’t follow security instructions in the history of mankind. Then I get to the departures lounge and am virtually assaulted for expressing no interest at all in tax free goods and then find nowhere to sit. Thank goodness for the Irish bar, which has provided a good seat, a connection to my internet account, BBC News channels, a decent burger and a single malt whiskey to calm my frazzled nerves.

I left the West End of Glasgow at 10:30am. It’s now 5:42pm. All I’ve done is wait in queues and lounges and take one flight. Please just let the rest of this day end, and end quickly. Thank you, Scottish single malt.

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