The night was dark and stormy

Okay so it’s been a full week since I’ve blogged but I did warn you.

For the past 45 minutes I’ve been entranced by the phenomenal lightning display outside my home office window, where I have never been able to count more than a second and a half before another lightning strike lights up the sky. I love Brisbane storms. They are absolutely spectacular. But I suspect the torrential rain is only a matter of minutes away so I am about to go and close up the house against the impending onslaught. The crash of nearby thunder echoes through my little flat.

In the past week my life has been very busy, my work rewarding, and my days and nights full. A couple of people very close to me have been unwell, so I’ve been very concerned about them, but they’re both on the mend, and I’m hoping to spend some time with them soon. On Monday night I saw Pride and Prejudice with Liz and Melissa and enjoyed it, but feel the television series (with Colin Firth as Darcy!) is still my favourite interpretation of that wonderful Jane Austen novel.

Next week promises to be equally busy though perhaps a little less work oriented and more pleasant. I have my Cup Day outfit nearly complete and look forward to a fabulous day! And just to remind you all – my birthday is just over a week away (04/11). 🙂 I do enjoy birthday messages 🙂

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