The oft-promised update

This would have been posted sooner but my blog is having an attack of internal server errors. I’m figuring it’s just internet pixies being naughty. In any case, I *do* have links for the day so I’m forging ahead anyway.

First and foremost, MIT are conducting a blogging survey which should produce some interesting results. I recommend all bloggers participate and stay tuned for the results.

Next for the truly wonderful idea of teleporting or transporting oneself over the internet, check out the story on the research of one Professor Todd Mowry at Carnegie Mellon Uni. What a fabulous idea. Not hyper-useful, but probably several million out of 10 for style.

Then there’s anatomical proof that men’s brains are different from women. And as far-fetched as it sounds, there is a theory on the table that physical differences in brains could actually account for why men don’t understand women. Although having said that, I have to say I haven’t had too many troubles with men not understanding me. Perhaps I just am lucky enough to get along with all sorts of people? I certainly hope so! 🙂

For a rather entertaining jaunt through the annals of independent minds, check out Wikipedia’s List of people widely considered eccentric. Note that these people are considered eccentric, but I’m sure many will regard some representatives on this list as barking mad, or even exceedingly dangerous. It’s one of the few occasions where Adolf Hitler and Michael Jackson should be spoken in the same sentence. I’m just rather surprised at a few obvious omissions….For the writers category, for instance, I’d add Emily Dickinson, (who, after the Civil War in the US, only ever wore white, and rarely accepted visitors), and Kurt Vonnegut (who had a shifty looking character lurking around in the background of a television interview about his fictional works…. and that character was later revealed to be his fictional science-fiction author anti-hero, Kilgore Trout…. doing my honours thesis on representations of reality in the fiction of Vonnegut was like drowning in reason).

For the sci-fi fans out there, check out the Star Wars doco from the makers of the wonderful spoof, Troops! This isn’t as funny as the fabulous Troops – isn’t meant to be – but is still, as Slashdot says, worth a viewing.

In tech-business news, Google is weighing in on electronic cash payment systems race in direct competition with PayPal, and my money is on Google. No actually, I only wish my money was in Google. Particularly considering the stock price of Google over the past 10 months.

And finally, returning to the subject of the first post, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has released a Legal Guide for bloggers. Bloggers and commenters on others’ blogs, please take note. And even though this is a US guide, the important thing for Aussies to note is that when it comes to copyright and defamation law, it’s a hell of a lot easier to sue in Australia than it is over there in the US. The more jobs my sister-in-law gets, the better! 🙂

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