The outrage in Burma

There’s an excellent article in The Guardian’s Comment Is Free from Aung Zaw on the situation in Burma.

What worries me about reporting on this horror in Australian news broadcasts is that while Burma has finally got to the front of news reports, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding out there in the Australian community about what’s going on over there. What Zaw’s article does is explain in simple terms, the events that have led to the current conflict. Much like Idi Amin’s persecution and repression of opposers and the Chinese Government’s brutal treatment of protestors in 1989, the current events in Burma will go down in history as an horrendous abuse of human rights. But as new evidence arises of the razing of villages by the Burmese military, as global citizens we need to respond – and urgently.

Sadly it’s already too late to save some of the innocent protestors in Burma. But that doesn’t mean we should just turn away from this violence. It’s time we all band together, to force the Burmese Generals to listen to global condemnation of their actions.

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