The rise and rise of ….

It seems Microsoft just won another coup. BusinessWeek Online are reporting that Palm are about to release a Treo which runs Windows Mobile 5. I agree it’s sensible to have a Windows OS on a Palm device, but it does feel awfully like the technology equivalent of jumping the shark.

Also from BusinessWeek is the news that Intel are going to mass produce chips built for performance on the same production line as chips built for power efficiency. This green Intel is apparently their reaction to the growth of AMD and Texas instruments.

From Engadget is the news that Steve Jobs has no plans to bluetooth-enable the iPod. Apparently the market want battery life and disk space, not communication capacity… at least for the next little while.

Also from Engadget are these mighty wireless headphones … sexy and high fidelity. What more could one ask? (Well I guess I could ask for a microphone so I could use them for Skype.)

Finally, from Slashdot, is the news that Microsoft are about to engage in a massive restructure to reduce costs and increase output. Minimicrosoft, the blogger, has plenty to say about how this is going to affect innovation at the technology giant’s headquarters.

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