The Star Wars Queue Very Old Story

Okay I’m a geek and we know it. There are 33 days till the release of the final chapter of the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars saga. And yes, I do have tickets to see the midnight screening on the night it opens.

But I also have a sense of humour, and I’ve been delighted by the story of a group of unemployed people who are lining up at the wrong theatre to see Revenge of the Sith when it opens. The bizarre protest is one which has spawned its own variety of political factionalism and mud-slinging, including the involvement of a sci-fi celebrity, mainstream media and the blogging community.

Perhaps unfortunately for the dedicated charity-driven protesters in the Grauman’s Theater queue, I do see the humour in this event. It’s a wonderful example of the passion and eccentricity of the nerd/geek community, and the lengths to which some will go to be true to their fandom. It’s up there with the hysterical Trekkies films, created by former Trek star, Denise Crosby, for profiling all the rather special things people do for niche popular culture. And frankly, it’s reminiscent of the sort of bizarre and extreme bickering and brawling that make daily ‘entertainment’ on talk shows like Jerry Springer – and let’s face it, that august specimen of popular culture spawned an opera.

I find the whole drama absolutely, deliciously, hysterically funny, and as Dame Edna would say, I mean that in the nicest way possible. In any case, it’s entertaining weekend reading. Follow the links and let me know if you agree.

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