Things wot I ought to have blogged

* Many thanks to Mark for wishing me a very happy International Women’s Day yesterday. It was fabulous to be made to feel special. Thanks Mark – you rock.

* The O’Reilly E-Tech Conference is in full swing in California, and blog entries on the papers being presented are popping up every hour. Eventually I suspect these presentations will be available as downloadable presentations on, but in the meantime even the blog entries are fascinating.

* The case surrounding the Blackberry dispute between the Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of the personal digital communications device, and patent holders, NTP, has now been settled, allowing the device to continue to be sold in the US. This is a fascinating case in terms of patent law, and market share. The moral at the end of the story is that if you have enough market share, you can even buy out the original owners of the patent. Although I’m not entirely sure the acts which led to the dispute are entirely moral.

* A couple of Google related stories. Techcrunch have exclusive images of the new Google Calendar service, which looks remarkably like Outlook Calendar but probably crashes less often. And Greg Linden’s review of the Google Analyst day presentation is rather noteworthy for the omissions it highlights than the inclusions.

* The Ideas Festival is now less than 3 weeks away. BOOK NOW! TICKETS ARE GOING FAST!!!!!

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