“Those who control the networks…

… control the world” … That’s how the old saying goes. And if this story from The Guardian is true, then Google is well on its way to controlling access to the Googlplex of technologies. In short, rumour is rife that Google is launching a US$200 computer through Walmart.

All that remains is for Google to have a controlling share in a telco for it to be a phenomenal force in global communications. Stay tuned. I’m sure it’s an event that’s not so very far away.

EDIT: See? I told you Google is growing in impact.

According to this article in Light Reading News Analysis, the rumour of Google associating with Walmart is false. However, there is still some possibility of Google partnering with hardware companies for PCs. Ah well. Perhaps Google isn’t so evil after all? (Thanks to Hamish for the heads up on this matter!)

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