Top 5 Questions about the Australian election

In an eerie replay of the UK election a few months back, I’ve had to change very few of these answers to distinguish the Australian electoral result.

1.  Who won the Australian Election?

No single party. Not even on a two-party preferred basis. And nobody voted for a hung parliament.

2.  Who are the leaders of Australia?

No-one. Technically Julia Gillard is a caretaker Prime Minister until someone manages to cobble together a minority government with 4 independents who used to be members of the conservative coalition, and 1 Green.

3.  Will the new minority government be able to deliver policies on taxation, the National Broadband Network, asylum seekers and climate change?

Probably not.  With the Greens holding the balance of power in the Senate, most of the policies of the major parties are at odds with Greens policies.

4. Will the Greens get their policies up on the above listed issues?

Probably not.  With only one Green in the House of Representatives and at least 2 independents needed for a minority government, it’s more likely that rural and constituency interests of the independents will be supported.

5. Will the minority government last above 12 months?

Unknown, but unlikely. Other than during the Second World War, no minority government in Australia has existed.  While Australia cannot afford another election imminently, it’s likely that the parliament will be disfunctional, supply will be blocked and a double dissolution of parliament will be triggered.

BONUS QUESTION How is the Australian dollar doing?

It’s dipped a little, and the sharemarket is all over the place with the current uncertainty, and if no minority government is formed, it’s likely to dip further.  Once a minority government is forged, it will likely recover for a while until the parliament stops being effective, whereupon it will nosedive.

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