Top 5 Questions about the UK Election result [UPDATED!]

1.  Who won the UK Election?

Still no one party. And nobody voted for a Coalition.

2.  Who are the leaders of the the UK?

Prime Minister: David Cameron
Deputy Prime Minister: Nick Clegg

3.  Did the Lib Dems get their key concession of electoral reform for proportional representation?

Not even close. They got a commitment to a referendum on a preferential voting system called Alternative Vote. Australians have had that for a century. It favours a two-party preferred system. It still matters how many seats you get and the share of votes you get overall is functionally irrelevant.

4. Will the Lib Dems get Conservatives to adopt their policies on Europe, scrapping the Trident defence system, or an amnesty for illegal immigrants to Britain?

No, no, and no.

5. Will the Coalition last above 12 months?

Unknown. Other than National Governments during the period of crisis in the Great Depression and the Second World War, no coalition in the UK has lasted more than a year.

BONUS QUESTION How is the Pound Sterling doing?

It’s likely to soar in value at the news of stable government this morning and then take a tumble a bit later when reality sinks in.

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