My geek friends frighten me. Fortunately, I love them anyway. Not only have I been thoroughly chastised for yesterday’s post in failing to mention the beautiful iPod shuffle which was also released yesterday, but my describing the Mac Mini as code-named the iWork, has also been corrected – the iWork is in fact the software that will be running (preferably on a Mac Mini if you’re Steve Jobs). But that doesn’t concern me. What concerns me more is that some of my geek friends (no less than three of them – you know who you are!!!) actually sent me price lists in Australian dollars, outlets for purchase and one actually suggested I could get away with purchasing an iPod as a tax deduction 🙂

Thanks for the corrections guys! You all rock 🙂

In other news, I’m going to check out cars to buy today. Settle down, it’s not for me. My 20 year old Mitsubishi Colt bomb still has some life in it yet! But I will be headed to Mercedes, Audi and BMW to test drive cars today. Fun! 🙂

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