Trafigura and Carter Ruck: How social media can guard against misuse of libel

As a public interest service, I am including links below to any articles and resources I come across relating to the press gag injunction made by Carter Ruck in the interests of their client, Trafigura.

I strongly recommend reading these articles, as they inform about the use of libel as action to prevent reporting on alleged instances of corporate neglect. I would also strongly advise people to cache a copy of these articles for themselves, in case the sources linked to are required to take down these histories.


– Original history of the Trafigura case:  September 16 article in the Guardian.

Independent article on 18 September over murder charges being brought against Trafigura in Dutch Court.

14 September 2006 full Minton Report. (pdf)

16 September Guardian article, ‘Inside Trafigura’.

17 September Guardian report on peer severing ties with Trafigura.

20 Setember article in BBC news reporting compensation for people made ill by toxic waste dumping.

18 September Guardian report that victims of toxic dumping offered just £1000 each as compensation.

16 September Guardian aggregated links on emails from Trafigura.

– Guardian gagged from reporting Parliament.

Spectator article reporting on gag to British Press.

Irish Times reports the Guardian will fight gagging in court.

BBC Newsnight report on 16 September.

The Carter Ruck press release on proceedings against the BBC. (thanks @willjordan)

New York Times article from 21 September saying settlement indicated Trafigura was “not legally liable for the disaster”.

Wikileaks article from September 13 on the Minton Report.

BBC reports on condemnation of gagging. (Edited: Thanks Patrick!)

Press Gazette reports on gagging.

Guardian reports they are seeking urgent court hearing over parliament gag.

BBC reports on LibDems response to gag.

Wikileaks report on gag.

Guardian reports lifting of ban on reporting in Parliament. (YAY!)

BBC reports on Guardian gag lift.

BBC explains why they did not report on Trifigura until the ban was lifted.


The question Carter Ruck don’t want you to see reported from Parliament (care of Richard Wilson’s blog)

San Francisco Guardian Blog discussing the issue (good content in the comments section) report on the twitter frenzy. report on the outcry on twitter.

George Monbiot’s blog at the Guardian on defamation laws and the Trafigura case.

Warren Ellis responds. reports that Carter Ruck have withdrawn their gag.


Telegraph reports on top twitter terms.

Daily Kos calls for Streisand Effect against trafigura.

E-consultancy report on the social media backlash.

Trending terms in Europe (pic).

Newser coverage of social media response.

Ungag the Guardian twibbon campaign.

The Blog Herald covering power of twitter.

Jagaree reports on the twitter effect.


Greenpeace Trafigura background.

Ministry of Truth background article.

Emails pdf from February – December 2006.

What Trafigura says about its own risks and responsibilities.

Who was Peter Carter-Ruck?

On twitter, the term #trafigura has been trending all morning.  The full feed for all #trafigura posts is available here.

There’s also the silent protest being staged on Thursday at 1pm in Chancery Lane outside the offices of Carter Ruck.  Anyone who is available and interested in making a statement about misuse of libel is invited to attend.  Full details at:

An e-petition is now in place to ensure capacity of the media to report Parliament at all times.

Alan Rusbridger reported at 12:53pm London time that Carter Ruck have caved in and removed injunction against the Guardian from reporting the parliamentary gag.

Please feel free to contact me through the comments to this post, via email or on twitter at @joannejacobs if you want your article or content added to this list.

EDIT: Alan Rusbridger published his final analysis of the “super-injunction” on 20 October.

EDIT: Guardian report Trafigura is returning to court to suppress lawsuit documents (January 2010)

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