Update 1: Meeting Joanne Jacobs Plus More!

I have a lot to blog about today, so I’m splitting these posts in to separate entries but will keep them short and sweet. 

First of all, it was lovely to spend last Friday night with Rhonda, mother of my dear school friend, Melissa.  Rhonda and her travelling pal, Ellen, joined me for dinner at Sarastro before wandering the surprisingly warm London streets around Covent Garden and The Strand before ending up at Trafalgar Square and then heading home.  A lovely night and I really appreciated their company and stories of their travels.  Hope the time in Greece is equally wonderful!  Ya sass!  Kali mera! 

Then on Sunday night at long last I finally met up with the Other Joanne Jacobs (The US Edition).  Jo is a semi-retired journalist with the San Jose Mercury who has published a book on education initiatives for disenfranchised students.  She now does some consulting and guest editing and speaks at various functions.  She’s a great lady and it was fantastic to meet her.  We spent a lovely evening with her husband, John, and their travelling companions, Jo and Darwin (John).  Thanks Joanne, and I hope you have a fantastic holiday too!

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