Update – October ’09

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog in the past few weeks, not because I have wanted to be, but because I’ve just been so engaged in my consultancy practice and in a series of events and ideas that have consumed my time.  I’ve also been investigating some new technologies and investments for future projects so I’ve been doing due diligence on those – a difficult task with emergent technology but not impossible; perhaps something I should blog on in the near future.

Finally I’ve attended a few great events in the past few weeks – from the design hacking event at the RSA and the Anthony Seldon lecture on trust as well as the Tempero event on social CRM.  You can search through my tweets on those issues using twitter search: rsa events, socialcrm.

In the course of the next few days I’ll be putting up a series of posts on current projects as well as liveblogs from events at Social Media in Business (today) and Media140 on Monday. Feel free to add comments and engage on any questions arising from my notes.  It’s certainly a busy time in the social media landscape in the UK as it emerges – or fails to emerge – from recession.

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