Updates and Social Media Projects

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a blog post and my only excuse is that I have been away and have been frantically trying to contribute to other blogs, and I have been twittering everything anyway.

But essentially…. I have been to Corfu where I spent a fabulous four days with the lovely Deb Polson.  I have some great pics, but not enough of Corfu Old Town.  I also had a great time learning some basic phrases in Greek, and feel confident about getting around Greece with my rudimentary skills!  Deb has been doing wonderful things with her latest projects in mobile learning, and will be presenting in London at the forthcoming Handheld Learning Conference

I’ve also been trying to get on top of a client project at work.  I’m not allowed to release many details as yet, but I will as soon as I can.  The good news is that it’s nearly done, and I can get on to some other pet projects. 

I’m also preparing for two new conferences at which I am to present; the Social Media for Business Conference in Buckinghamshire in October and a Media Literacy conference in Scotland in November.  I’m also trying to get a group of social media advocates in London to form a loose collective of experts advising on the London 2012 Olympics.  While London probably won’t be able to compete with Beijing on organisation, it certainly does have an opportunity to provide a rich narrative event and it’s the social media mafia who could get that happening in this town.  But it requires some innovation incubation on behalf of the social media businesses out there.  And I’m more than willing to get that happening.

I’m also trying to assist some businesses in their social media planning, and to give my time to some public interest groups to get their social media strategy in place.  I hope that by supporting those enterprises, I can raise the participation and literacy of users so that more good deeds can be recognised.  It’s a personal struggle in a digitally amoebic landscape.

Finally, I’ve been excited by opportunities at the School of Everything and delighted to hear that the Young Networks Foundation (for which I am still Creative Director) in Australia is back up and running as part of a Brisbane City Council project.  And last but not least I have been invited by QUT to become an Adjunct Associate Professor, working with the Creative Industries Faculty.  I’m delighted to be part of the team!

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