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It’s been a while since I have had a chance to blog here, but that’s been because I’ve been flat out moving back to Oz and getting settled at 1000heads. I’m now happily ensconced in the Sydney office and have at least temporary accommodation with possibly the best view in Sydney – the image at the top of this post is from the window of my flat.

And I have been blogging over at the 1000heads blog and getting spots in other places too.  Latest posts are as follows:

In my role at 1000heads, I’ve also kicked off a series of infographics covering how Australians are conversing on social networks about various topics.  Our first of these – Conversations on Climate Change – was published by the fab folk at socialmedianews.com.au.

The Sydney office of 1000heads is also going to be running a panel session series – called #headsup – from mid-May on various topics.  This is NOT yet another social media thing with a bunch of mates all presenting to each other, but a chance for people in vertical industries to discuss the future of their sector or industry.  As thought leaders in word of mouth, we figure it’s our job to help facilitate information sharing, and this is a series designed to do exactly that.  Of course, we hope this will make them think about social, but the objective is really to strategise for an industry.  There just aren’t enough of these kinds of events in Australia and it’s great to be able to set something like this up 🙂

Finally, I’d just like to note that I’m in Melbourne staying with my Mum at the moment while conducting some client meetings in the city by the Yarra. As always, it’s lovely to spend some time with my Mum in between work commitments.  And it’s heartening to see all the things I like in the fridge because she knew I was coming. Awwww! My Mum looks after me! Thanks for having me Mum 🙂

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