Updates galore!

I’ve been very tardy in blogging for the past several days and have a lot to report.

1. Thanks and congrats to Liz for a fantastic Awards Night for the Equestrian Federation of QLD. Well done my dear! A great night was had by all. And of course it was all the sweeter for me for winning the raffle ticket prize of season tickets to the Queensland Bulls cricket season here in Brissie!!!
2. Thanks to Axel for getting our final chapters and realising the cover image I so love for our book, Uses of Blogs. Thanks also to Gavin Winter for taking such a sensational photo and to Craig Gibbons for securing the (very expensive) microphone for the photographic session.
3. A couple of fantastic articles are about at the moment… one in the Sydney Morning Herald on the future of the internet as a vast synaptic network similar to a human brain. This is an interesting article because it begs the question of whether – as with the human brain – we can hope to maximise the potential of internetworked connectivity if this rather chaotic synaptic network is based on particular thought processes or functions… and it also opens up the possibility of large scale network damage. The second article is from McKinsey on the next revolution in interactions (free registration requried to access the full article). This is effectively the premise behind the work I’m doing at ACID – that the future of sustainable competitive advantage is in maximising the productivity and improving the quality of complex interactions between workers who generally perform tacit interactions. It’s a complex notion, but it’s the future of business efficiency.
4. A few quick/quirky link-based items: I love the idea of a guy setting up 12 satellite dishes around his house in order to pick up 5000 televison channels, but I worry about his mental health (let alone other potential health problems); I think that wearable technology is beginning to look decidedly uncomfortable; I worry about the potential back and neck injuries that could result from using a chilled pillow; the idea of using shock therapy to reduce bad habits in PC use is just wrong on so many levels; and I was saddened to hear a guru of the Beginnner Book dynasty has passed away – Vale Stan Berenstain!
5. Co-author of a chapter in my book, Douglas Rushkoff, has released the latest of his chapters of his forthcoming book… and this one is closely related to the “discussion” we have in our joint chapter.
6. If you’re trying to catch up with me in Brisbane prior to Christmas, you either have to fit in to one of the events I’m attending or I’m afraid I probably won’t be able to see you. My calendar between now and the end of January is now pretty much full. I’m absolutely serious about this. I’m not being nasty in saying I’m not available any time you are; I’m just completely booked up. Sorry folks!

Whew! I need to update more often.

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