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Wikileaks from Wikimedia CommonsI’ve pulled together a few articles I feel are useful discussions on Wikileaks.  Feel free to add more in comments. The lawless Wild West attacks Wikileaks – useful summary of global response to pressure from US, in spite of Assange and Wikileaks never committing any crime. (Thanks @media140);

* Mark Pesce’s The Human Network: The Blueprint – hopeful assessment of the opportunities arising from a new age of open communication.  (Thanks @mpesce);

* Zunguzungu: Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy – fabulous assessment of Assange’s philosophy through discussion of his essays. (Thanks @theplayethic);

* Graham Moomaw: Journalism lessons from Wikileaks – entire history and value of wikileaks as an institution (published May 2010);

* Online, the censors are scoring the big wins – Dan Gillmor’s assessment of the journalism sector’s ‘soft underbelly’ (thanks Mathew Ingram);

* Wikileaks has given power to transparency – Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis discussing the emerging reality of transparency;

* Crunchgear: Does Wikileaks represent the end of internet history? – useful articulation of the importance of wikileaks in the history of the net;

* TechCrunch: Wikileaks one true home is twitter but for how long? – discussion of concern about twitter intervening on trending terms and prospect of closure of the wikileaks twitter account;

* Wikileaks – rather a good list of other links embedded in a run down of the complexities and responses to the issue.

I’m sure there are plenty more good articles but this is a start for those who would like to catch up.

EDIT: Here are a few more…..

Assange’s Australian barrister’s letter to Ny knows the girls made it up but doesn’t care

From the Daily Mail but still could be a fair account: The Wikileaks Sex Files

Six Pixels of Separation: 7 lessons that Wikileaks teaches us

Techcrunch article: Letter from Canada – Why is America so furious about Wikileaks?

Sydney Morning Herald – discussion of the rape allegations: Did he or didn’t he?

Guardian’s Comment is Free – Jemima Khan’s defence of her backing of Assange in UK court: Why did I back Julian Assange?

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