Vale Donald Horne

I join with so many others in bidding the wonderful Donald Horne a fond farewell as he passes in to the great blue yonder… perhaps the true “lucky” country. The last time I met Donald he was launching his book, The Avenue of the Fair Go, a copy of which he signed for me, several years back. He was delightful company and so eager to please, nervously questioning, “Was I alright up there?” after he finished his speech at the launch. An eminent academic, and a true critic of Australian policy development, Horne’s 1964 legacy book, The Lucky Country, was often misunderstood, because Horne didn’t think Australia had much to be proud about, and he criticised the attitude of policy developers who relied too heavily on Australia’s natural resources.

He was a tireless political commentator and a genuinely lovely man. Have fun up there, Donald. We’ll miss you.

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