In the latest casual webcast report from IDC, Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP is discussed as a now essential aspect of enterprise networks saving. I’m also using VoIP software (Skype) to speak with family, at substantially less cost per call than I would normally pay for standard calls. It’s been something we’ve been talking about for some time, but it is now quite feasible and certainly financially sensible for organisations and even individuals to pursue VoIP options for basic telephony. Even on dialup, VoIP is a useful and cheap way of staying in contact. On broadband, it should be regarded as absolutely essential.

The biggest issue with VoIP – like so many other aspects of technology services – is security. The possibility for “listening in” to commercial-in-confidence communications is real, and organisations may still need to consider old-fashioned secure lines for details, but in so many oranisations, the average phone communication doesn’t need to be secured. So companies and individuals just need to think a little differently about the content of their call. It’s a cultural change, so it will take time, but I think my view has to reflect other advocates of the technology: that VoIP just makes business sense.

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