Water, water neverwhere.

Having just returned from one of the wettest places on earth, the story today that people waste money singing in the shower resonates with me as being distinctly Australian and also extremely believable. I found myself feeling guilty in the UK for having two showers a day, but then felt, ‘well why not enjoy the resource you normally lack?’. In SE Queensland we are now at 26.7% capacity, and look like simply running out of water in another 2 years. I’m still an advocate for recycled water, but that aside, we do need to be more careful with water-related activities such as showers and washing. I’ve been sent an egg timer in a kit to reduce time in showers, but have been pretty good with short showers ever since the gas crisis in Melbourne in 1998. I’m wondering though whether we should consider the possibility of state wide installations of roof capturing devices for back yard tanks? If the process were dramatically subsidised and made law in the way smoke detectors and gates around swimming pools have been enforced, perhaps we could enjoy those long lazy showers without threatening our state’s future?

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