*wave from the West*

Just checking in from my hotel room in Fremantle, West Australia. I have… no messages. Still, I have full broadband access from my room, 24 hours a day so I guess the point is that I am well accommodated. Although I do suspect that I am becoming what Anne Tyler called the ‘Accidental Tourist’. I have my travelling down to a fine art, of ensuring I pack extremely lightly, whilst also having my full broadband internet connection, my own tea and my own shampoo. Even my Estee Lauder perfume is travel sized (tiny 20ml bottle of Beyond Paradise). I have my usual television (Sky News Australia), my own entertainment packages (Xmas DVDs from home), and wherever I go I buy a large bottle of water to keep in the mini bar. I might as well be at home though – it feels pretty much the same. I suppose I should go and have a swim in the hotel pool but right now it’s full of tourists, and I’m not a tourist. I think I will wait till it is quiet tomorrow morning and go and do 20 laps before the hoardes awaken. In the meantime I think I’ll just do some work. This is, after all, a business trip.

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