Wedding Report

The song has ended but the memory lingers on….

It was a fabulous night for the wedding of my dear friend, Kristen and her new husband, Phillip, in Melbourne on Friday. The weather was spectacular with bright skies and a warm breeze throughout the day and well in to the night. Kris & Phil looked a picture of happiness (after the bundle of nerves they were during the day!). Photos will be added as soon as I have scanned them in.

My apologies to those in Melbourne I did not get a chance to contact. Virtually all of my time was dedicated to bridesmaid duties in the days leading up to the wedding so I was unable to contact people. I’m now on my way home to Brisbane and will hopefully take this magnificent 32° weather back with me tonight.

Thanks to all those who have contacted me and to my Mum for having me for the week. Was a great week 🙂

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