What this Woman Blogger Wants

Okay so clearly the first things on my list were:
– Time
– Money
– Power
– The Usual Things That Ought Not Be Mentioned On A Family-friendly Blog.

But I figured that none of the above is easy for my readers to give.

So then I thought about some material things that I want and came up with several items but also thought these were a tad unreasonable as it would be tantamount to asking my readers to pay me for my blogging. (Don’t even get me started on gift economies.)

Then I thought about some topics that have been under-discussed online, and while there are a truckload of topics that need further analysis, I don’t have the time to read any more than I’m reading right now (see first thought), so I will leave that idea in obeyance until I have time to just sit and think.

And then it struck me: what I really want most of all is for my blog readers to tell me about themselves and their lives. I do know about some of my readers’ lives through social gatherings, blogs and even email discussions, but often people think I know about their lives when in fact I really don’t know as much as I’d like to know. (Actually what I’d really like to do is go out for a drink with you all at some stage and just chat about whatever comes to mind, but that’s not always possible.) Getting out and catching up is really a great part of my life, and finding out about others’ projects, interests and motivations is a life-long fascination for me. Of course, it’s also a great excuse for a coffee or a drink, or even a bite to eat, and an escape from a life of all-work-and-no-play.

So: email me or comment on this post, telling me about your life, the projects you are working on at the moment, and your passions in life.

You read my blog because it interests you. Believe me when I say your life is just as interesting to me.

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