What’s ‘hot’ and what’s not.

It’s true that I have sources of digital products that have been liberated from their indentured existence. But in consuming some of these liberated products during the past 24 hours, I am motivated to be as harsh in my review as the executives who elected not to take the option of continuing the series.

Or, to put it more basically, the series Firefly, upon which the recent Joss Whedon film Serenity is based, is mildly entertaining, but generally pedestrian.

An untidy hodge podge of 1970s westerns, The A Team, Buffy and Lexx, Firefly just doesn’t break any new ground. The stories are relatively predictable, to the point where by the end of each week’s introduction, you can name the film(s) it’s ripping off. (And yes, given the ‘history’ of the source of this review, the irony of that isn’t lost on me.)

Finally, and as seems quite common in Whedon productions, the characters are only interesting if they are larrikin men. The women are either lesbians, warriors, children or whores – or any combination of these – and they are constantly irritating. But probably more irritating are the fans who think Whedon actually likes women. With the possible exception of Zoe (whose need to subject herself to her captain still grates), I’ve been really hoping the rest of the women would just all get blown out of the airlock so that an interesting program could emerge. I keep getting disappointed.

Yes, I know I’m harsh. But in the past I’ve not really been a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s work. When it came to Buffy and Angel, the characters I liked were always the baddies. In Firefly, there’s really only Mal to admire. The rest are all either bland, a bit stupid, irritating or so supremely annoying that you just want to asphyxiate them and be done with it. And yes, in the final category, I am referring to Inara and River. And given you’re supposed to care about those characters, I imagine that was reason enough to can the series.

I will go see Serenity and I imagine it will be worth a look. But while the series may be hot, a revelation, it’s not.

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