Where art thou, blogger jj?

I’ve actually been blogging my guts out last week at Civil Service Live over at the Amplified Blog.  Have a look through the dozens of posts there, as well as my audioboos from the event.  I also was on stage at Reboot Britain last week (check out my tweets here), and then was at a Manuel Castells event on Friday (see tweets) and meetings before lying before the cricket most of the weekend.  Then on Sunday night I met with the wonderful Josie Fraser to plan an event celebrating British women in internet, mobile and games  We’re still organising a venue and getting the programme together, but at this stage it looks like an event for about 500 people in October.  The objective of the event is to identify some decent women role models, and to give them a chance to shine, by presenting their professional journeys and the passion for the work they do.  It will be called Amplified: Women.  I’ll have a site up for the event by the end of the week.

RE AMPLIFIED: WOMEN EVENT – PLEASE NOTE: This is not an event looking at gender roles and sexual politics.  This not a chance to complain about men, and it is not a place to identify gendered behaviours nor how to market to genders.  It’s to show off what women in the sector are already doing. If you’re looking for a forum to criticise either men or women’s behaviour, please don’t attend.

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