Wicked: wicked :)

Have returned from seeing the musical, Wicked, in London and am absolutely blown away. Fabulous production and wonderfully staged with a great cast. It’s not quite as musically complex and euphoric as Sondheim (I’m a HUGE Sondheim fan!) but theatrically it’s flawless, and there are touches of my favourite ever (Sondheim) musical, Into the Woods.

I managed to score tickets for £15 through lastminute.com (normally £45 minimum) which placed me up in the Gods in the upper circle, but i was dead centre and there are opera glasses between the seats for hire for the entire production for 50 pence, and it’s small enough a theatre that even without the glasses you get a fabulous view. No part of the stage is obscured at any time and the detail was fine even with the naked eye. I’d strongly advise anyone coming here to try ThisIsLondon.com and lastminute.com for theatre tickets – it’s a fabulous way of catching a show without spending a fortune. And there are just so many shows here that it’s obscene to visit London without seeing a show.

And go to Wicked. It’s superb.

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