Winter is upon us!

When Brisbane only manages to get a top temperature of 18.5° Celsius for the day, it’s officially winter. I’m wearing scarves, so it must be cold.

In other news, I’m presently doing some rather interesting research tracking the reasons behind changes in online application submissions over time, and the process is rather similar to being placed in an unfamiliar town and just told to find your way around. There are no absolutely clear reasons for change, and so it becomes a process of testing and eliminating issues on the basis of the data you collect. First you compare online to offline submissions, then company to the industry generally, then you compare churn rates (people who access pages but don’t complete submissions), then you consider technological issues (network downtime and changes to structure and site navigability), then you consider the timing of company versus competitor marketing campaigns, then external events…. it all becomes rather a matter of “what else can we think of?”. But it is rather fascinating research. Much of the data that’s out there is simply a publication of numbers and is not particularly interpretive, so what I’ve been doing is effectively interpreting these statistics, which can be quite an interesting challenge. It’s certainly keeping me interested for the moment.

As for those of you who want to catch up on various issues, please feel free to contact me over the next week or so. Happy to meet up for lunch!

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