*spangly things floating across my vision*

Achieved a great deal today. Managed a budget, edited stuff, arranged project management schedule, negotiated processes, set meetings and completed administration of things it would be too complex to try and explain. Ran a couple of teleconferences and did grocery shopping on my way home.

Came home to a blue garage door.

This woud be fine if my garage door was normally blue. But it’s normally ochre. So that was a tad disruptive. Nevertheless, to the soundtrack of Clay Shirky’s speech in ITConversations (well worth a listen, on ontology and categorisation systems), I entered said blue garage, went upstairs, prepared a meal, ate it and have just now collapsed in front of my PC.

And that’s when the floating spangly things began. I’m assuming this is just because I had about an hour’s sleep last night. In any case this is prewarning that I plan to sleep tonight. Actually I think even my insomnia is planning on sleeping tonight. So I’m off to watch the idiot box for a couple of hours and then sleep. G’nite all.

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