Zero flights but great flight tools

Okay so UK airspace has been shut down for all but emergency flights as a result of the erupting volcano in Eyjafjallajoekull (phonetically, ‘Aya-veloh-ooke‘), Iceland, but as a result of this, twitter has gone mad with links to some great sources on flight tracking.  I’m recording them here primarily for my own interest, but thought they might also be useful to others. this thing is completely awesome.  It provides live details on flights travelling over and into Europe.  Best viewed in Google Chrome. designed for pilots, this provides all the information about flights listed by callsign on Flightradar, but it also has some other goodies in terms of flight regulations and weather in the US (if you like that kind of thing, and being a geek, I find it fascinating).

MetCheck Aviation: has some basics on conditions at various airports.

WeatherwebDOTnet: Aviation section has satellite images, maps and so on.  Nice resource if you’re a weather geek. US based site which gives you pretty much everything in about as technical terms as you can get. Great stuff.

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